4 US Roadtrips you cannot overlook

Roadtrips is the best time pass ticket for family, group of friends or even solitary travellers. Road trips give you the drive you long for. Choosing the best set of landscapes is of paramount importance. Here is a list of favorite roadtrips routes in the US for many average Americans.

Route 66

This is the iconic roadtrip route in all of United States. It starts in sky scraping Chicago and ends in California. The highway was created in 1926 as one of the few numbered highways. It stretches almost 2500 miles having historic byways frequent it. It branches to various sections including local roads, state roads and private drives. Ending to Pacific Ocean is the highlight of this roadtrip route. It consists of abandoned gas stations and ghost towns in Erick, Oklahoma and Newkirk, New Mexico, lost to traffic stolen by superhighways.

US Route 20

This is the longest road in the US that stretches for more than 3300 miles. It connects Newport Oregon and Boston, though broken at Yellowstone National Park. It is one of the fastest and easiest to drive roadtrip route. It helps cross the entire nation in span of couple of week devoid of any tiring driving experience.

US Route 30

It crosses the US route 20 splendidly. The route runs from Oregon to New Jersey. It makes up for most of the Lincoln highway. It is dubbed as one of the National Main Street that meets Lincoln cabin in Illinois, Big Mac Museum and Automobile Museum in Reno.

Highway 61

The US Route 61 connects New Orleans and Wyoming, Minnesota. It stretches for 1400 miles in south-north direction. It is dubbed as the Blues Highway, the name it got from its musical culture. It also comes from the alleged litigation of African Americans from Mississippi to Chicago in early 20th century.

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